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  • Don't throw a TypeError if the matches() method of an action creator is called independently from the action creator object. Allows idioms such as filter(actionCreator.matches) without having to resort to Function.prototype.bind (actionCreator.matches.bind(actionCreator)).


  • createAction action creators now have a matches() method, which returns true if the passed action's type matches that of the creator. In TypeScript, matches() is defined as a type predicate.


  • TypeScript: The SimpleActionCreator type is now called BasicActionCreator. SimpleActionCreator is kept as a type alias, but is deprecated.


  • onAction: Accept symbols and numbers as action types ([@judithhartman][])


  • TypeScript: Fix a type error with TypeScript v3.6 when passing actions of different types to reduceActions and reduceActionsFrom.

  • Documentation fixes by @k-nut and @dannyfritz.


  • Redux Preboiled now has a suite of TypeScript type definition tests powered by tsd. This should help ensure that the typings don't break on new TypeScript releases.

  • Upgrade TypeScript to v3.6.4.

  • Upgrade Rollup to v1.23.1.

  • Upgrade Babel to v7.6.4.

0.3.1 - 2019-05-02


  • Ship typings (they were accidentally ommitted from v0.3.0).

0.3.0 - 2019-05-02


  • The "main" build is now a UMD module which can be used both in Node.js and directly the browser. In the latter case, Redux Preboiled is exposed as a global named reduxPreboiled.

  • All builds (except the esnext one) are now transpiled to ES5, which makes them work in older browsers (most notably Internet Explorer 11).

0.2.0 - 2019-04-24



  • Improve testing guide.

  • Add a license link to

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