Getting Started


Redux Preboiled is published to the NPM registry as redux-preboiled. You can install it as usual via NPM or Yarn.

npm install redux-preboiled

# Yarn
yarn add redux-preboiled

TypeScript typings are provided out of the box - no additional typings package needed.


Preboiled is just a collection of helper functions, so there is no required setup. Just import the helpers you need directly from the redux-preboiled module, for example:

import { chainReducers, onAction } from 'redux-preboiled';

If you use a module bundler thats supports tree shaking - such as Webpack or Rollup - only the helpers you actually use will end up in your application's build output. For instance, in a React app boostrapped with Create React App, this works out of the box.

Next Steps

For a tour of Redux Preboiled, see the guides on the provided helpers for actions, reducers and testing.

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