Creates a reducer that chains together a sequence of (sub-)reducers.

// JavaScript

function chainReducers(firstChildReducer, ...otherChildReducers)
// TypeScript

function chainReducers<S = any, A extends Action = AnyAction>(
  firstChildReducer: Reducer<S, A>,
  ...otherChildReducers: SubReducer<S, A>[]
): Reducer<S, A>


Given a sequence of (sub-)reducers, chainReducers creates a reducer which forwards incoming actions to each of these "child" reducers. More specifically, the reducer:

  1. calls the first child reducer with the received state

  2. passes the resulting state (and the same action) to the next reducer

  3. repeats step 2 until reaching the last reducer, whose returned state is finally returned by the chainReducers reducer.

Note that the first child reducer in the chain is the only one which needs to handle an undefined state by returning the initial state; all others can be sub-reducers - such as the ones returned by onAction - which assume that they are only ever called with a defined, already-initialized state.


Chaining withInitialState and onAction reducers:

import {
} from 'redux-preboiled'

const reducer = chainReducers(
  onAction('increment', state => state + 1),
  onAction('multiply', (state, { payload }) => state * payload)

reducer(undefined, { type: '' })
// => 0

reducer(0, { type: 'increment' })
// => 1

reducer(2, { type: 'multiply', payload: 4 })
// => 8

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