Redux Preboiled

Pre-cooked Redux helpers, served à la carte.

Redux Preboiled is a collection of general-purpose Redux helper functions. It helps you reduce boilerplate when writing reducers, action creators, and tests.

  • Served à la carte. Each of Preboiled's helpers can be used stand-alone. Just pick and use the ones you want and ignore the rest. If your build setup does tree shaking, the unused helpers won't even be added to your application's build output.

  • Minimal magic. Preboiled avoids clever "magic" tricks which minimize boilerplate at the expense of understandability. Instead, it favors simple, composable functions with easy-to-understand semantics and implementations.

  • TypeScript-friendly. Redux Preboiled is written in TypeScript. Its helpers are designed to be easy to type and amenable to automatic type inference, making it easy to write type-safe Redux code.

A First Taste

The following snippet uses a bunch of Redux Preboiled's helpers to define a simple Redux counter module with support for increment and multiply actions. It is about half the size of the equivalent vanilla Redux code.

import {
} from 'redux-preboiled'

const increment = createAction('increment')
const multiply = createAction('multiply').withPayload()

const counterReducer = chainReducers(
  onAction(increment, state => state + 1),
  onAction(multiply, (state, action) => state * action.payload)

// Example usage:

import { createStore } from 'redux'

const store = createStore(counterReducer)
// => 4
  • createAction generates various types of action creator functions with minimal cerenomy. The specified action type value is made available as an action creator property (increment.type and mutliply.type in this example), making separate action type constants unnecessary. See the Actions guide.

  • The onAction, withInitialState and chainReducers helpers can be combined as a less noisy alternative to the classic switch reducer pattern. In TypeScript, the type of the sub-reducers' action parameters are automatically inferred from the action creators passed to onAction, improving type safety and editor auto-completion. See the Reducers guide.

Next Steps

The Getting Started guide shows you how to install and use Redux Preboiled. Follow the links to the other guides for a tour through Redux Preboiled's helpers. You can also look at the repository's examples directory.

For reference documentation, see the API docs.

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